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Variable Displacement Linear Vane Pump

 Variable displacement linear vane pump is result of the research aimed to provide variable displacement pump for future hydrostatic transmissions based on free piston engine concepts. During research four rotational, variable displacement pump technologies, were considered as potential base for linear variable displacement pump. Considered technologies were: bent axis hydraulic pump, swash plate hydraulic pump, multi-stroke pump and vane hydraulic pump.

Vane pump technology for variable displacement rotational pumps seems like one that can be the best choice for creation of the variable displacement linear pump as simplest concept that have no churching losses.


 As it can be seen from schematic presentation, there is only three main parts; a piston rod with a grew for vane, a vane that has function of the piston with variable active surface and a guide plate. Moving the guide plate, the vane will be more or less extended from the grew, and by it, the active surface will be changed. Variation of the active surface will result with the variation of the linear vane pump displacement.  
Impact of this new pump technology, on to the control of the hydraulic free piston engines can be analyzed using simple mathematic modeling >