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What it is?
It is new technology that will allow creation of the modern hydraulic and hydraulic/electric serial hybrid drivelines for the automotive and off-road machines industry. Evidently, it is sort of the hybrid machine. In terms of mechanic it is based on the free piston engine technology, but due to the synergy of the mentioned technologies it can offer much more than the known solutions. This is presetned already by the name of the project where VOLUMetric TRANsformer relates on to the energy transformations based on at least one volumetric machine (Pat. Pending).
The place of this new technology, in domain of the hybrid drivelines concepts, can be easily presented by the following cross-table. The cross-table is based on the assumption that modern hybrid drivline concepts (primary in automotive applications); distinct against standard drveline concepts by capability to store/restore the energy. In order to store/restore the energy they have to have the system; dedicated to that task. The store/restore system can be based on mechanic, fluidic (hydraulic or pneumatic) or electric technology. Knowing that system to transfer the energy from the engine to the wheels can be equally mechanic, fluidic or electric; mentioned cross-table can be easily constructed.
 Mechanic Fluidic Electric
MechanicKERS  x  x 
FluidicFord TonkaUPS delivery truck x
ElectricToyota PriusVOLUMTRAN FEDEX delivery truck
It can be easily seen that only mechanic-mechanic and hydraulic-electric combinations are not tested. Technology based on hydraulic-electric combination, proposed in scope of the VOLUMTRAN project,  can be seen as more promising one.
First, this is the only combination that will connect two different technologies capable to store/restore energy. Second, each technology, hydraulic and electric, has strong and week points. So this new hybrid driveline technology, hydraulic-electric based, can provide combination that will take best from booth. Briefly, hydraulic will provide compactness and higher level of energy recuperation, normally lost during breaking and electric will provide good controllability and good efficiency at high-way cruising.
Connecting those two technologies through the new concept of the free piston engine simple and cost effective solution will be provided.