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Ante Bozic M.Sc. (CV)
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Ante Bozic


Work experience:

2013 Consultant for InSItu at Poclain Hydraulics Company

R&D support on inventive project regarding introduction of the hydrostatic solutions on to the On-Road vehicles. Global support, in terms of the improvement of the system itself as well as basic components.

2012-2013 Consultant for InSitu at PSA Company
Work on improvement, in cooperation with supplier, of the essential components for HybridAir project.Analysis of different solutions through modelization in AMESim as well as post treatment of prototype testing.
2010-2012 Consultant for InSitu at Massey-Ferguson division of AGCO Company 
Introduction of new hydraulics components into the high-performance tractors at Massey-Ferguson of AGCO company. Follow-up of product evolution, from prototype to serial product through supervision of prototype testing, MATLAB modelisation and development of homologation procedures in cooperation with suppliers. 

2009 Volumtran project
Creation of the new hydraulic energy storage system concept, that through improved packaging, can offer roughly two times higher energy density than existing systems (high and low pressure accumulators). 
2008 Acthom & Ingénierie, Research engineer – consultant
Analyses of the vane pump regarding increased resistance toward seizure. Two ways of possible improvement were proposed. 
2008 Acthom & Ingénierie, Research engineer – consultant
Analyses of the inventive concept of the special hydraulic motor, performed with aim to remove detected week spots. Synthesis resulted with improved concept where weak spots are removed and number of parts is reduced for about 35%.

2006-2008 Volumtran project 
Analysis of existent hybrid transmissions solutions based on different technologies, in first place, electric and hydraulic ones. The aim is to develop synergy strategy that will join strong points of each technology in cost effective way. More details can be find in VOLUMTRAN section of this site. 
2001-2006, Poclain Hydraulics Industry, Headquarter France, Research Engineer.
Analyzed new solutions (my, others and external proposition), performed analysis of the concurrent technologies (geroller, axial piston, bent axis, motor-reducer…), proposed new innovative solutions, theoretically supported effort of the development department, followed new concurrent patents, followed improvements of the components interesting for the mobile hydraulics market, followed evolution of the mobile hydraulic market, performed animated PowerPoint presentations in order to explain mechanical/hydraulic effects to auditorium with different levels of the mechanical engineering competence (managers-all levels, mechanical engineers, designers, test engineers) supervised construction of one prototype, constructed one prototype and one model of test bench, proposed and supervised tests of new testing methods, coordinated creation of the inspection manual.

2000-2001, University of Zagreb (project for FORD), Research Engineer - Consultant.
Proposed new concept, created complete technical documentation and supervised construction of the experimental test bench for the investigation of the dynamical properties of the asphalt-tire sliding contact. Proposed the new corrected dynamic friction model and guided redaction of the scientific paper.

1995-2000, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing-University of Zagreb, Research Engineer.
Proposed the new control concept for the friction compensation in the electrical servo drives, participated in the multi-specialist team for vibration reduction, redacted or contributed in the redaction of several scientific papers and technical studies, performed presentations of the scientific papers on international conferences, led construction of the several experimental test benches, guided several students through their final project.

2000 Master of Science / Guidance and Control of the Mobile Objects- University of Zagreb, Croatia. Main activity: Theoretical and experimental investigation of the friction dynamics impact on to the overall dynamic behavior of the servo system. New control concept for the friction compensation was proposed and successfully tested.
1994 Bachelor of Science Academic Major: Mechanical Engineering / School of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture University of Zagreb, Croatia. Final project: Construction of the pneumatically driven and PLC controlled device for 3D wire shaping. Device was used as educational equipment at the University of Zagreb.
1990 Jet pilot: Air Academy Zadar/Mostar
Basic training in aircraft systems; mechanics, hydraulics, electrics, joined with flight training program on jet airplane Galeb (Seagull) G2.

Experience & Computer Skills:
Modeling, Analysis, and Control of Dynamic Systems; AMESim, Matlab&Simulink, MS Excel 
Mechanical Design end Drafting; Pro-E, AutoCAD
Presentations; PowerPoint, MS Word
PLC programming; Leder

Main patents and publications


FR3000770 (A1) Balenghien & Bozic ' Hydraulic Machine for Use in e.g. Motor, Car, has Cylindres Supported on Circular Turnable, And Low Pressure Precompression Chamber And High Pressure Precompression Chamber That Are Emerged On Intermediate Spaces By Two Connectors' deposition 2013/ publication 2014, PSA 

WO2014108616 (A1) Balenghien & Bozic 'Hydraulic Machine Comprising a Precompression Chamber and a Second Tilt Angle', deposition 2013/ publication 2014, PSA                 

Bozic: 'Introducing Hydraulic-Electric Synergy into Hybrid Transmission Using the Free-piston Engine Technology'; SAE 2007-01-4112, 2007 Powertrain & Fluid Systems Conference, SAE conference, Chicago, Oct. 29 - Nov. 1 
WO2007048979 Bozic, Legai, Lemaire & Bigo “Radial piston-type hydraulic motor with cylinder block cooling” deposition2005/publication2007. Poclain Hydraulics Industrie ( )

EP1355068 Allart, Bigo, Bozic, Fontaine & Souply: ”Device for dividing or uniting a supply of fluid” deposition/publication 2003. Poclain Hydraulics Industrie(

US2006002802 Lemaire, Bozic & Souply “Hydraulic pump or motor” deposition 2002/ publication 2004.Poclain Hydraulics Industrie( )

Bozic, Petrovic, Peric & Matusko: “Experimental investigations of the rubber-asphalt sliding pair dynamics” ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition November 17-22, 2002, New Orleans, Louisiana USA.

Bozic (Croatia only), Variable Displacement Hydraulic Machine with Radial Pistons, deposition 2001

P20010136A Bozic (Croatia only), Hydraulic Machine with Radial Pistons, deposition 2001

Bozic, Oreskovic, Jakupec & Peric: “Tunning procedure for passive vibration absorber” The 11th International Daaam symposium on “Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation Man – Machine - Nature” 19-21 October 2000. Opatia, Croatia.

Bozic, Deur & Peric: “Gain Scheduling-based Friction Compensation” World Conference on Industrial Applications of Electrical Energy an extended IEEE Industry Applications Society 35th Annual Meeting, 8-12 October 2000 Roma Italy ( )

Bozic (1999):”Multifunctional Philosophy in Diesel Engine Design” Annals of DAAAM for 1999 and Proceedings of the 10th International DAAAM Symposium, 21-23th October 1999 Vienna, Austria

Bozic, Peric, Seucek & Deur (1998):"Design of Compact Experimental Servodrive model with adjustable torsion, friction and backlash effects", Annals of DAAAM for 1998 and Proceedings of the 9th International DAAAM Symposium, 22-24th, October 1998 Cluj-Napoca, Romania.